Headphone Review: Yurbuds Ironman Series

Yurbuds is a company that specializes in active earphones for the on-the-go trainer. This is an area that isn’t as covered in the headphone world since not too many companies deliver headphones designed specifically for outdoor, training use. Yurbuds are designed by triatheletes for anyone who needs their music to pump them through the next mile. Do the Yurbuds have what it takes to keep up with other headphones?


  • Driver type: Single Dynamic Driver
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 110 dB
  • Impedance: 32 ohms

In the Box

  • Yurbuds earbuds
  • Two motivational cards
  • Carrying case
  • Two sets of Medical Grade Silicone Yurbud Tips

The Yurbuds come with 2 motivational cards, a carrying case, and 2 tips.


Yurbuds are basically earbuds with attachment tips on them. The tips are similar to the Bose in ear headphone tips since they insert shallowly rather than deeply, however, these tips are made for ear buds and not IEMs. The tips are removable and replaceable as well. Besides that, the tips can also be placed on other earbuds, like the Apple earbuds. The eartips are designed so that they do not fall out of your ear while doing activities, and they work really well.

The ear tips are grippy; this is the sole reason why they grip to your ear. However, this also comes with some drawbacks because these ear tips absolutely love to attract dust, air particles, ear wax (yuck!), fuzz; whatever it touches basically sticks to it. Knowing you’re sticking these into your ear, it really isn’t a good design choice.

The earbuds have removable eartips that are designed to stay in your ear during workouts. They also like to attract anything they touch.

The Ironman Series uses red ear tips on proprietary black earbuds that have the Ironman logo on them. The stems on the earbuds also have a small buldge in them to give them more of a design. Besides that, they, without any ear tips, resemble Apple earbuds.

The design on the Yurbuds is nice and simple, and the dark color scheme makes them not stand out when worn, but look really awkward when you see them out of the ear. The ear wax, dirt, fuzz buildup is the main problem with this design; I really didn’t need to know I was putting that into my ear.

Design: ★★★★


I am an active person, so I did see a big use for these, but I care about both comfort, and audio quality. When first getting these, I noticed that the bass was big with plenty of impact with warm mids that were lacking detail. The highs were absent the majority of the time. The quality just wasn’t there, so I let them burn in with hopes of better audio quality.


The bass is a little sloppy, but has great impact to it. They can tend to get distorted every so often, which is also a bad thing, even if it rarely happens. The lows really rumble though, and do have plenty of punch to them. They are a step or two above neutral. Overall the bass was OK, but a little much for my tastes.

Bass: ★★★★


The mids were probably the best part of the headphones, but not by much. They were a little shadowed by the bass, just a little. They did have some clarity to them, but could have used a little more. The mids did lack details, which is something I didn’t like, I felt like I was missing out on part of the song. The vocals were fine, but didn’t sound entirely right; just a little off. There was separation between the instruments, which was nice to hear. Overall, I liked the mids, but they just weren’t good enough.

Mids: ★★★½


Highs? What highs? I really missed the highs in most of my music collection, but then in a few songs, the treble came in. They are really missing most of the time. From the highs I did hear, they lacked extension, details, and clarity, but were a little crispy. The highs were also a little harsh. The highs really weren’t really there for me, literally.

Highs: ★★½


Wanna’ go for a run? Alright, let’s go. Thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump, what the heck! For being workout headphones, they sure thump a lot, and no, it’s not from the bass. These headphones are hard to wear over the ear, and have no clip with them. I would not recommend them for running for this reason alone. The thumps speak alone for their microphonics score.

Microphonics: ★★

Noise Isolation

These headphones really don’t isolate, and they weren’t made to do so, so it would be unfair to score this section; it probably wouldn’t change the overall score though by much either way.

Noise Isolation: N/A

Something went terribly wrong with the audio quality here. The bass was good, the mids were OK, the highs were just about absent, and these workout headphones had microphonics beyond belief! Yurbuds really need to step up their game here if they still want to compete with other companies like Sennheiser for active-are headphones.

Audio: ★★★


The build quality on these headphones was really disappointing. Gym headphones are among the most abused headphones around. It’d only make sense to give them a quality build so they last more than a day. Although mine are still working, I found the build to be poor on the Ironman Series.

The housings on the headphones seemed very strong, despite being composed of plastic; the drivers were also protected by a metal grill as well, but the rest of the build has major problems.

Leading out of each earpiece are cables; there is no stress relief for these cables. The absence of a stress relief here really scares me. A small accidental tug on the cable can easily send these headphones to the can.

The cables themselves are really thin and fragile. They like to tangle and have a mind of their own. They are made of a rubber material that seems very weak. The headphone jack doesn’t offer much help either. It seems very flimsy, with a small stress relief. It’s a step up from the cable or earpieces, but still not good. At least the jack is gold plated.

The headphone jack on these is straight and seems very flimsy. It does have gold plating, but they could do much better than this. This is probably their best part of their cable build though.

Now, Yurbuds does offer users a carrying pouch to carry around with them to protect the headphones while not in use. This does help them in the longrun, but won’t do anything while you have them on, which is where all the cable problems can occur. I do encourage all owners, or future owners, of these headphones to use the carrying pouch.

The Yurbuds come with a carrying pouch that has both the Yurbuds and Ironman logos on it.

Overall, I found that these headphones had terrible build quality for being headphones for the gym. Gym headphones are among the most thrashed, misused, and abused headphones there are. Yes, you take care of them, but they still don’t last. Yurbuds totally ignored build quality when they made these.

Build: ★★★


Although much of the headphones are lacking so far, they definitely don’t lack when it comes to comfort. The silicone tips, which I prefer to call grips, do a really nice job of keeping the headphones in your ear while you’re on the go. Once they are in, they actually are really comfortable and don’t fatigue your ear at all. The Yurbuds were really comfortable to wear.

The Yurbuds eartips are very comfortable, even if they attract every speck of dust.

Comfort: ★★★★★


These headphones MSRP for about 50 dollars, a price that seems a little high for the quality you get out of them. Sure, they do some things nicely, but others just aren’t up to par for fifty dollars. The design of the silicone tips are really nice and the headphones don’t look bad at all. The silicone tips also offer lots of comfort to the user as well, both really boosting the value of these. Besides those, the headphones do offer motivation with the motivational cards that you get with them.

The Yurbuds come with two motivational cards that contain some really inspirational quotes on them to keep you moving through the pain.

The motivational cards, comfort, and design were all good, but the audio quality and build just aren’t up to par with these headphones. I found that these headphones had way too much microphonics to be good for running, and the build quality just didn’t cut it.

For fifty dollars, I can think up of a few other headphones that have better sound and build while still being able to offer an attractive design and stay comfortable. Unless you cannot get any portable earbud, IEM or earbud, in your ears, I would not recommend getting these for this high price.

Value: ★★★

Final Thoughts

The Yurbuds were created by triathletes; made for anyone who needed to push the extra mile in their training and keep their headphones in their ears. Even though this market, sporting headphones, is really small, there are many other better options to choose from over these. If Yurbuds beefs up the audio and build quality, I can really see myself recommending these as the design and comfort are great.

I’d like to thank Mike for the product sample.

Overall Score

Yurbuds Ironman Series

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