AT&T Leak: 2011 LTE Rollout Plans, iPad 3 to be LTE Capable?

Lulzsec, the infamous hacking group, may have brought us at least one gem in their final hack attack. One of their recent targets, AT&T, had internal data compromised and leaked. It would appear that that data contained information about AT&T’s roll-out of LTE, their true next-generation data network (comparable to Verizon’s already-launched LTE network).

According to a calendar titled “2011 Weekly Calendar – LTE Milestones,” the first production launch will take place in July. The calendar isn’t specific beyond the month, so we aren’t sure of what exact date AT&T is hoping to peg here. It also seems as if the ten more markets that were promised this year are on track to go live in September (that’s when “LTE 2 Production Launch” goes live). The calendar shows no further roll-outs planned.

On a slide of a completely different PowerPoint presentation, titled “LTE Status,” we see mentions of an iPad. This is where things get slightly more cryptic. Depending on how you interpret the message, it would seem as if AT&T is planning for an LTE iPad (probably the iPad 3, which is being rumored for a release either around March of next year, or this fall). Remember that this slide’s title is “LTE Status.” It wouldn’t make sense for a 3G iPad to be detailed on a page devoted to information on the 4G status. With that in mind, this might confirm the rampant rumors of the iPad 3 being an LTE device. Given the timeline of the leaked information, it would also stand to reason that this new evidence points towards a March release, and not for the fall.

There’s potentially much more in this leak, so feel free to point out anything you see in the comments, or email us! I’m sure I’ll continue digging through it.

Update: Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days… even us. We’ve had feedback pointing out that the iPad 3 part is probably not quite accurate; instead, it’s more centered around payment options and the like. However, I’d like to reiterate that the LTE roll-out dates are most likely correct. Thanks to everyone who took the time to politely correct us! Again, though, we do stand by the dates and the LTE smartphones leak.

Thanks to @Deferom for pointing it out!

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