ExEn Tool Will Allow Devs to Port Xbox 360 Games to iOS

Indie game developer and programmer Andrew Russell is currently working on a cross-platform tool that will allow developers to port games made with Microsoft’s XNA framework to iOS, the web, and potentially Android and Mac OS X. Apps that are ported to iOS do conform with the App Store policies and, as such, can be sold through this venue; one of Russell’s early ported apps, Light Blocks, is 99 cents on the App Store.

ExEn makes it much easier for developers to port games they have made for Xbox 360, Windows, or Windows Phone 7 using XNA to the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, the Web (via Silverlight), and to Android devices and OS X in the near future. Russell released a public preview of his software on Wednesday for iOS and Silverlight only at this time. ExEn is open source under Microsoft’s MS-PL license and will be released for free thanks to community-funded support.

[Andrew Russell via BGR]

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