Apple Fixes Gevey’s SIM Unlock in iOS 5 Beta 2

iPhone hacker MuscleNerd posted a tweet yesterday confirming that Apple has fixed Gevey’s SIM interposer unlock in its second beta release of iOS 5. Gevey’s third-party SIM card activated the iPhone’s baseband by exploiting the phone’s emergency calling feature.

It’s surprising Apple closed Gevey interposer hole in b2 rather than waiting until [the] final [version of iOS 5] (maybe they were under pressure)

MuscleNerd also mentioned that he doesn’t expect Gevey to fix their exploit or find another one during the beta stages of iOS 5. If Gevey does indeed release a new SIM interposer unlock, we’ll likely see it alongside the official release of iOS 5 in the Fall.

[MuscleNerd via iClarified]

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