N.O.V.A.- Halo Clone by Gameloft is Out!

To accompany the many other clones out there on the AppStore, Gameloft have made a Halo clone – N.O.V.A.

It’s been in the making for some months now, and it’s finally hit the AppStore.  It comes with offline story mode and online death matches with up to four players.

The online play uses Gameloft’s LIVE! social networking system, so if you already have an account, starting an online match shouldn’t be a hassle.

Modern Combat’s successful control engine is used in NOVA.  The online environments are also seemingly large compared to Eliminate and Modern Combat.

Currently, it weighs in at just over 160MB and stands for $6.99:

N.O.V.A. – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance ($6.99)

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