Tired of Airplane mode? Try Helicopter or Stealth mode

Forum member Appman, author of the popular Zune HD Ultimate theme, released a fun tweak today.  AirplaneMode Switch allows you to change the icon and title of your iOS device’s Airplane mode to “Helicopter” or “Stealth” mode.

How to install (iOS 4 and 5)

  1. Navigate to /Applications/Preferences.app and back up the files Settings-Air@2x.png and Settings-Air.png
  2. Then, navigate to /Applications/Preferences.app/English.lproj and back up the Settings~iphone.strings file.
  3. Once those are all backed up, download THIS. Take the Settings-Air@2x.png and Settings-Air.png from either Stealth or Helicopter folder and drop them in /Applications/Preferences.app
  4. Then, navigate to /Applications/Preferences.app/English.lproj and open up Settings~iphone.strings in your favorite editor (iFile works great). Find the line ‘Airplane Mode’ = ‘Airplane Mode’ and change it to ‘Airplane Mode’ = ‘Stealth Mode’ or ‘Airplane Mode’ = ‘Helicopter Mode’
  5. Save the file and respring or reboot
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