Mobile Safari on iOS 5 Beta 2 Using WebKit Engine That “Closely Matches” Safari 5.1

Apple seems ready to update their mobile browser game, as one of the notes in iOS 5 beta 2 points out that now Mobile Safari is using a newer WebKit engine which is close to what Safari 5.1 on the Mac (both Snow Leopard and Lion) are using:

The WebKit framework has picked up a newer WebKit engine, which closely matches Safari 5.1.

That’s directly out of the release notes that developers received (and leaked) from today’s release of iOS 5 beta 2. So while Microsoft is touting a major feature of their Windows Phone 7 “Mango” update as being that the browser runs the same rendering engine as the desktop version of Internet Explorer 9, Apple seems to be following the same path for iOS 5.

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