Twitter to Place Promoted Tweets in Timeline

Twitter felt the full force of user uproar when they introduced the QuickBar (a.k.a DickBar, after CEO Dick Costolo) to their official Twitter client mere months ago. The micro-blogging service removed it to reevaluate their monetization model, and it looks like they have devised another design to make money with their social service. Within weeks, Twitter will introduce irritating (although necessary, to keep the company afloat) “Promoted Tweet” links at the top of the timeline. The promoted tweets will be prominently placed and impossible to ignore, since they will be stuck in the stream regardless of how high you scroll. Twitter also wants to work with commercial companies to create “profile pages” for brands and businesses.

Whether weathered Twitterers will welcome this method of marketing is unknown. Since such tweets are tacked to the timeline, even 3rd party clients cannot escape the endorsements. HootSuite has tested this in the timeline since 2010, and it appears that the technique is at least somewhat successful at beguiling browsers.

Additionally, the Twitter integration included in iOS 5 is believed to be a “massive coup”, according to an agency executive.

[Financial Times]

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