One Million iPhones Running on T-Mobile USA

One million iPhones are running on T-Mobile in the USA, which is the only major GSM carrier in the US that doesn’t have the iPhone. This comes by way of 9to5mac, who has confirmation from a T-Mobile spokesperson that they¬† met with today. Interesting, when you consider that that also means that one million iPhones are jailbroken and unlocked. More interesting is that one million iPhones are also running on EDGE, which is much slower than 3G. This might cause problems in the future, as the iPhone becomes more data intensive with the new features (such as Photostream) that is coming this fall with iCloud.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball did put this into perspective, though: there’s roughly a total of 200 million iOS devices worldwide, so one million users equals about half a percent. Not exactly a gigantic market, but still: there is one. Which leads us to a leak that BGR found a while ago, claiming to have photos of an iPhone 4S (which is supposed to have been given out to various high-profile developers to port their apps to the A5) being field-tested on T-Mobile’s 3G network. It’s very possible that the new iPhone, rumored to be available in August or September, will add support for T-Mobile.


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