F1 2009 Game Hits the AppStore

There aren’t many professional racers out on the AppStore, and the small minority are excellent games.

To join them, The Codemasters have made a 3D racing game, which includes a couple of licenced features.

First up, it has the 17 official race tracks included in the F1 Championships.  Secondly, to race on the tracks, there’s all the of the licenced cars.

Controls are typical, tilt-to-steer and onscreen pedals for professional racing around the tight bends.  Whether you’re just a starter at racing, or a complete pro, they’ve included two game modes – Novice and Pro.

Some prefer F1 racing to arcade racers such as Need for Speed.  If you’re one of those, you can get the game here:

F1 Racing Game ($6.99)

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