RIM Takes a Swing at Apple’s iPad, Misses By a Mile

RIM, the maker and purveyor of the Blackberry smartphone and the Playbook tablet, seems to be getting desperate. That’s what losses and slashing of sales forecasts will do to any self-respecting company, but this one might be considered gutsy. Instead of focusing on the Blackberry-faithful to buy the tablet that works best when accompanied by those devices, they are seemingly trying to talk up iPadĀ  and Android owners with signs like this:

These photos were taken in the UK by Alex Dixon (a.k.a. Abcmsaj) along a train route. It seems to be talking directly to iPad owners, who enjoy what is almost universally agreed upon to be the “better” tablet. Better if you like to, I don’t know, email people? Manage a calendar? Keep track of your contacts? But I digress. Apparently, the availability of Flash makes up for everything, and more!

But that’s not all: RIM is sparing no expenses. Alex later tweeted out this photo, taken in the Manchester-Piccadilly train station:

Interesting campaign, considering that the Playbook is the most useful when partnered with a Blackberry phone (considering that is the only way to get the PIM functions, as well as tethering and a few other features available via Blackberry Bridge). It would stand to reason that people with iPads might not have Blackberries, and would thus miss out on major features that are Blackberry-dependent.

[@Abcmsaj via Razorian Fly]

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