iPhone 2G & 3G Video Recorder On App Store

The envious iPhone 2G and 3G users who don’t want to jailbreak but want the 3GS video camera capabilities need be green no more.  To my astonishment, Apple has allowed a 3rd party developer to ‘unlock’ video capability inside the 3.1 firmware -  iVideoCamera was released on Saturday by Laan Labs for $0.99.  The video may be low resolution and stuttered at only 3fps but it’s a start and there’s an update already in the pipeline to improve frame rate and quality.

You could argue that old iPhone owners should have been given video capabilty natively with the 3.1 update, though presumably Apple left it out to entice users to upgrade to the new device under the guise of a RAM & processor issue (so where’s my numeric battery option I would retort!)  But this is Apple and so, as usual, we continue to pay up for the little things we want – at least this developer will have a happy Christmas!

Grab it before Apple realise they’ve let one slip through and evoke the kill-switch! :p

Thanks to loop4444 for bringing the app to our attention – hit the ‘read more’ link below to see his full review.

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