Bloomberg Chimes In on iPhone 5 and iPad 3 Rumors

Bloomberg has confirmed the earlier reports of a impending launch of the next-gen iPhone, as well as older rumors that the iPad 3 will have “Retina-ish” display. Contrary to BGR’s reports, Bloomberg is pegging the iPhone 5 for a September launch, not August. Additionally, Bloomberg claims that the iPhone 5 will be similar to the existing design. No surprise here, but, Bloomberg has also revived rumors that Apple is working on a cheaper iPhoneaimed at attracting customers in developing countries“. Interestingly, the purported low-cost model is speculated to have iPhone 4 -grade guts. Moore’s Law is still strong, so it isn’t that unlikely that a “cheap” iPhone would actually be pretty darn powerful. Of course, Foxconn has commented on the fact that Apple products are nigh impossible to craft, so it’s possible that the device internals would be contained in a more pedestrian body to keep costs low.

The iPad 3 may not get the full Retina treatment, simply because the technology isn’t quite there yet, but Bloomberg reports that the device’s screen will have a resolution one-third higher than the current model, as well as a more responsive touchscreen.

More information is sure to leak out of Cupertino in the coming months.


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