New App Store iTunes pages

Apple have rolled this one out quietly… The iTunes Store has had a bit of a makeover (for the better, in my opinion) as you can see if you click on the picture below:

Screenshots are now larger, the app’s icon is bigger, the description has been moved to the top, and shortened (click “More…” to see the full description), and the “What’s New” section is easier to find with its big title and centred. Off the screenshot, there are the reviews (two sections, All reviews / Reviews for this version) and at the very bottom is “Other customers also bought…” with some helpful suggestions.

Although it does seem that these redesigns have been done specifically for the developer. A larger icon and more visible screenshots will lead to more sales, as that’s the first thing you see when you click on an app’s page. Large blocks of text are off-putting, and so have been shortened to make them “optional.” All in all, it’s a great update.

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