Apple Plans on Launching iOS-Based TVs Later This Year

Rumors have resurfaced about Apple’s plans to enter the TV display business later this year. Tech blog Daily Tech was able to speak with a former Apple executive, wishing to remain under anonymity, who revealed that Apple’s biggest upcoming product launch will be an iOS-powered television set. Apple has yet to make any sort of official announcement about entering the TV industry, but it’s exciting to hear that Apple might be venturing into new markets. It would make sense to have a TV display that Apple could use with its $99 Apple TV box itself. Moreover, this report mentions that the Apple TV—and iTunes, too—could be integrated into the physical television set itself, which would mean that you could access streamlined movies, TV shows, photos, and more directly on the TV.

Sources for Daily Tech say that Apple plans to “blow Netflix and all those other guys away,” which is a rather interesting thing to say considering that the current Apple TV peripheral boasts its ability to stream content from none other than Netflix itself. To make this happen, Apple is allegedly teaming up with OEMs such as Samsung to manufacture these television sets. “You’ll go into an Apple retail store and be able to walk out with a TV. It’s perfect,” is how the anonymous Apple executive puts it. Other companies have attempted to provide similar services, such as Sony’s Internet TV, but sales have been mediocre. Fortunately for Apple, most of their “iFans” are extremely devoted to their products, which could make their TV a success too. After all, people were skeptical about the idea of an “iPhone,” which has gone on to sell extremely well over the past 4 years.

[Daily Tech]

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