MiniGore Episode 4 Update Information!

Mountain Sheep, the developers of MiniGore, never rest.  After just recently updating MiniGore with a Christmas episode, they’ve got another in the works.

MiniGore is a simple, crazy dual-stick shooter where you fire aimlessly at small creatures called ‘furries’.  They come in small, medium or large sizes.   You are equipped with a shotgun and a grenade launcher to cause them much damage.

Here’s a list of the great new features in yet another update:

  • Co-Op Multiplayer over Bluetooth and Local WiFi
  • Lizzy and Ninja Man from Sway as new playable characters
  • A new guest star
  • A new level/ground to shoot on

That’s just the start of the list.  The developers wish to get the Lizzy and Ninja Man characters update as 3.5, before the end of the year.

Which update feature are you most excited for?

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