Spotify Nearing U.S. Launch?

The European-only (for now) music streaming service Spotify has just closed a $100 million round of funding, which is rumored to be used, in part, to support a U.S. launch. The application allows subscribers to stream over 13 million tracks straight to the desktop, and also offers an offline mode and mobile apps for premium users. Spotify is prime competition for both and Pandora, as well as Apple, Google, and Amazon, who offer online access to music that users already own. Compared to its rivals, Spotify is unique in that it allows users to stream any song, a la Grooveshark. The mobile apps are able to stream over WiFi and 3G, as well as sync with local music.

According to All Things D, Spotify has sealed the deal with three out of the four major music labels. The service has been wildly popular in Europe, but the above average cost ($10 per month for premium service) may prove to be too much for U.S. users, who have many free alternatives. There were reports last year that Apple was trying to prevent Spotify from launching stateside, but it looks like they only managed to delay the inevitable.

Assuming that they are able to clear the last hurdle, Spotify plans to launch on the other side of the pond this Summer.

[All Things D]

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