Facebook for iPad to be Released Soon

According to sources for the New York Times, Facebook will finally be launching an iPad-optimized app within the “coming weeks”. Despite Zuckerberg claiming that the iPad “isn’t mobile”, the Facebook CEO is rumored to be working closely with the iPad app design team. The app has undergone a number of revisions over the past year, and is now in the final testing stages. Unsurprisingly, Facebook has denied any such rumors: “We have a great relationship with Apple that is exemplified by our iPhone application, but with regards to an iPad application we have nothing to announce now, and cannot comment on future Facebook products.

According to firsthand reports, the app will include features that even the full site does not have, such as direct photo and video uploads using the iPad’s built-in cameras. Facebook is also rumored to be revamping the existing mobile site to “supplement” the soon-to-be-released app. Frankly, the existing 3rd party Facebook applications are awful, and it’s safe to say that both Apple and Facebook are suffering because of it. We’re not sure what caused Zuck’s change of heart, but Facebook’s recent lack of growth may have something to do with it, seeing as mobile users play a huge part in the social network.

[New York Times]

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