New Mac hardware delayed because of OS X Lion

Back in April, AppleInsider reported that new MacBook Airs built with Intel’s Thunderbolt technology were scheduled to begin production in May. Today, the tides have turned due to Apple being “so pumped up” for Lion. The new Mac hardware is now scheduled to release after OS X Lion, but at no specified time.

For instance, new Thunderbolt-enabled Sandy Bridge MacBook Air models expected to go into production this month have been ready and waiting for some time, according to people familiar with the matter. But management is currently unwilling to usher the new models into the market with the current Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard operating system.

Instead, the Mac maker is said to be locked on waiting till it can image the new notebooks with a Gold Master build of Lion so that buyers are afforded the latest and greatest Apple experience. This includes complimentary iCloud services that will come built into the software, offering a means of automatic data synchronization that is both unparalleled in the computing industry, and paramount in an age when consumers are adopting a digital lifestyle in which they own and operate multiple mobile devices.

Apple is also expected to release a new LED Cinema Display and Mac Mini that will support Thunderbolt after the Lion release as well. If you were planning on buying a Mac, it might be wise to wait until Lion is released first; this will insure that you have the latest technology.


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