Angry Birds updated with Mining and Dining

The original Angry Birds game has received an update today that includes 15 new levels, maintaining the same gameplay. If you’re one of those big fans of this game, then this update will give you some new territory in which to destroy evil pigs. For those that aren’t big fans yet, maybe you should consider becoming one. Here’s a list of the new features that are available in this latest update (1.6.0):

  • Mine and Dine: a new cave themed episode begins with 15 new levels
  • Find all the collectible jewels
  • Use hanging stalactites to pop those pesky burrowing piggies
  • Some levels have been tweaked to reduce their difficulty
  • Mighty Eagle still in business: buy once, unlimited use

Warning: You may want to be cautious before installing this update because a lot of users are reporting freezing and compatibility issues with older iOS devices.

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