Griffin’s Beacon Transforms Your iOS Device into a Universal Remote, available now

Goodbye, remote controls. The accessory gurus at Nashville-based Griffin Technology have announced the availability of their Beacon universal remote control. The Beacon, $79.99, connects to an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via Bluetooth, turning that device into an easy-to-use, never-lost remote; it’s a wireless AV controller that when paired with an iOS device, enables complete control over the entire home entertainment system. The accessory was picked as an iLounge Best of Show 2011 finalist at the Consumer Electronics Show, where it also enjoyed quite a lot of attention from the public. In fact, the Beacon was popular enough to sell out entirely today, its launch day. Griffin promises that it’ll be back in stock by the end of the month, citing that they weren’t expecting this much demand for the accessory. It’ll be available at Apple Stores, Best Buy, and online at Griffin’s website.

You’ll need to install the Dijit’s Universal Remote App, free on the App Store, in order to use the Beacon. The app was designed by Dijit Media, a San Francisco-based software company. “Consumers have 21st-century home entertainment experiences but are stuck with remote controls that haven’t been updated since the 1980s.  Dijit is here to overhaul the control experience, and our partnership with Griffin Technology marks another milestone in making this happen,” said Maksim Ioffe, Founder and CEO of Dijit Media. “Beacon is an amazing product that brings the power of fingertip search and discovery of all your entertainment content right from your smartphone to your HDTV.”

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