Apple’s Back to School promotion to offer a $100 iTunes gift card, not a free iPod touch?

iTunes Gift Card - Premium - $100

Last night, 9to5mac reported that Apple’s back to school promotion for this year will give students a $100 iTunes gift card as a bonus for their purchase of a Mac. Strangely, the value of the promotion will drop $100 if this is true. I say this becauseĀ Apple previously gave away a free iPod touch with new Mac purchases for college; these iPod touches were valued at between $199 and $229 over the past few years.

You could say Apple is being cheap for doing this, but they’re not really. Instead of just giving you an iPod touch, they give you a choice to buy $100 worth of apps for your new Mac, or music and anything else on the store. So, if you’re a student who wants $100 of free iTunes products with your new Mac, then this deal is for you. I may want to warn you though, it is still cheaper to buy a Mac from Amazon since you save money and don’t have to pay tax—something to think about.

UPDATE: It’s true—numerous reports have cited new signage illustrating that this deal is a go.


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