iCloud will be great for the 50% of iPhone users who don’t backup

Here’s a statistic that might have fueled Apple’s idea behind iCloud: 50% of iPhone users don’t backup. This percentage comes from a report made by One FPS, citing that half of iPhone users “have never plugged [their iPhone] into iTunes after the initial activation and sync.” Apple has always required users to connect their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to iTunes in order to begin setup. After this initial setup, however, it appears that half of iPhone users don’t ever use iTunes with their phones again. This means that most of these users are not syncing music, videos, or apps to their iPhone via iTunes. They’re also avoiding updating their iPhone’s software to the latest version of iOS.

The good news for these folks who avoid backing up is that iCloud will alleviate the need to use iTunes with their device. As we heard in the WWDC 2011 keynote, iCloud will feature on-device setup, over-the-air software updates, and cloud storage of music, apps, and more that can be obtained over a Wi-Fi network—no Mac or PC required. This is even better news for Genius Bar employees at Apple Retail Stores, who face the frustration of dealing firsthand with customers who have not synced or backed up their iOS device.

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