First iPhone Voice-to-Text app

Dragon Dictation is an application developed by Nuance Comms, and is only available on the USA App Store at the moment. The app looks a bit basic, none of your fancy, space-aged 3D graphics or animated menus – But it does do an incredible task. This is the first iPhone app which will convert what you say into on-screen text!

With the Dragon Dictation App, spoken words are instantly transcribed using the world-renowned power of Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition, giving anyone the power to simply “say anything” up to five times faster than typing. Dragon Dictation allows users to speak anything from a one-line text message or status update for Facebook, to a multi-paragraph e-mail. For instance, simply say, “We should meet at the restaurant at 7 and then go to the movies. I’ll pick up Scott in Cupertino after he gets off work. See you then.” Users can start and stop as needed or just speak free form to capture a quick brainstorm idea or reminder. It’s completely up to you.

The only downside to using it is that it will send your contacts list to Nuance HQ apparently (reading the reviews, some users have read the lengthy T&C when first opening the app, and it says data from users’ lists of contacts will be sent to Nuance and stored on its servers.)

This is a serious breach of App Store rules – So why haven’t Apple caught onto it? Is it because they just let anything ‘new’ and ‘cool’ onto the market, just to beat everyone else to it? Who knows. I don’t mind sending an empty contact list though – So I’ll be unsyncing my friends before trying the app out just in case I’m hit with spam.

It’s free for a limited time too! So grab it while you can.

Nuance will also be releasing Dragon Search soon: an iPhone application which allows users to perform voice searches of a number of sources including search engines, YouTube, Twitter, iTunes, and Wikipedia!

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