Custom Widgets in Notification Center, UISettings, and more

Two days ago, I showed off a basic third-party widget that a jailbroken developer Will Homer was able to create in Notification Center. The custom widget displayed the famous phrase “hello world,” and nothing else. Although it was simple, I also emphasized the importance of this early tweak and how it would certainly lead to bigger and better things. Well, that didn’t take long. UISettings is a new tweak that was released in Cydia yesterday, for free, that integrates a third-party task bar into the Notification Center in iOS 5. The tweak, designed by Italian developer qwertyoruiop, allows you to toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on or off, respring your device, adjust brightness, and more; it’s essentially the popular SBSettings tweak built right into Notification Center. It’s easy to install for anyone that is running iOS 5 beta. Here’s the steps required to install UISettings, assuming that your device is already jailbroken:

  • Step 1: In Cydia, add the repository “” — this is a beta repository, so you may experience difficulties and might have to try again later. You can also try adding the alternative repository “″
  • Step 2: Install the UISettings-iOS5 package
  • Step 3: A subsequent respring might be required for the tweak to work properly

Once installed, your Notification Center should look like the picture in the top right of this post. While this is certainly great, it gets even better. Many other developers have taken it upon themselves to design custom themes for UISettings that enhance this tweak even further. Others have simply gone out of their way to create entirely different things—even the popular Nyan Cat meme. iOS developer GreySyntax showed off a sneak preview on Twitter today of what he calls SpringPrefs, seen below (on the far left). This tweak displays things such as your device’s Wi-Fi address, available memory, and uptime.

From left to right: GreySyntax’s SpringPrefs, Nyan Cat, Generic UISettings, Themed UISettings

After the break, we’ll outline the steps required to install the themed UISettings on the far right above.

You will need file access, either AFC2, SSH, or iFile to replace a the old icons.

  • Jailbreak iOS 5 (beta 1) — [check out the iFans iOS 5 jailbreak section]
  • Install UISettings
  • Download this file
  • Replace the Icons folder with the one from the theme at: /Library/UISettings/Icons
  • Then you need to replace the old BulletinListLinen@2x.png with the new BulletinListLinen@2x.png: /Systems/Library/CoreServices/
  • A quick re-spring and you’re done.


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