Apple Stores holding meeting Tuesday night, rumors swirling

According to multiple sources for 9 to 5 Mac, Apple Retail Stores will be holding scheduled overnight meetings after stores close on Tuesday. The first rumor on the agenda is that Apple will be unveiling new MacBook Airs with Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt I/O. This meeting during the overnight hours on Tuesday fits perfectly with earlier rumors pegging a Wednesday launch of a refreshed MacBook Air lineup. However, other sources have claimed that there are still some current-generation Airs shipping to retail stores worldwide.

There’s also inventory constraints on Time Capsule external hard drives and the AirPort Extreme. Furthermore, current-generation Mac Mini and Mac Pro servers are apparently no longer arriving at any retail outlets. While refreshes of these products are plausible, it’s more likely that we would see it on Apple’s online store first.

Lastly, it is also very likely that this closure has to due with setting up new store displays for Apple’s annual back to school promotion. Apple’s already a few weeks delayed on announcing this promotion, which has typically been rolled out during the last week of May. It’s believed that Apple will once again offer college and university students a free iPod touch with the purchase of a Mac, but there are also rumors of a $200 discount for the iPad 2. The latter deal would also involve the purchase of a Mac–excluding the Mac Mini, which has always been ineligible for this deal.

UPDATE: ChronicWire has issued a correction for his earlier leak about new MacBook Airs on Wednesday, citing that his sources mixed up part numbers. He has confirmed that Apple will be rolling out their back to school promotion instead. He also adds that instead of new MacBook Airs, Apple Stores across the United States will be receiving unlocked iPhones for the first time.

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