Recent Theme Releases 4th Dec

RTR 2.0

Welcome to RTR. Its been a while, but its back. Hopefully it will occur every couple of weeks, but to do that, we need you.

The aim of RTR is to get your work shown. Your work will be posted on the front-page for thousands of people to see.

RTR 4th Dec:

  • TetraLock-J0E
  • Minimal Music-Manic Nimrod
  • Spotify Inspired Music-sam8392
  • Set of Smooth Sliders-taptaptouch
  • iNav Boss-iAppleTechGuru


A nice and simple lockscreen. Its different from the “norm” but it works well.


Minimal Music-Manic Nimrod

A simple and unique music skin, for people who like minimalism.


Spotify Inspired Music-sam8392

A music skin in the style of the Spotify player.


Set of Smooth Sliders-taptaptouch

A set of slider images. Nice and simple.


iNav Boss-iAppleTechGuru

A new iNav theme. Made for the iPod Touch, its a lot simpler then most of the others, yet it looks great.


Theme’s to look out for.

Vision-Baggy Spandex:


And thats all folks. Tune in next time for more themes.

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