Cydia Review: Dreamboard – A Revolutionary Winterboard Alternative

Dreamboard, $2.99 in the Cydia Store, is a dynamic alternative to the popular theme manager Winterboard. The app gives power to the theme creators and users in ways Winterboard cannot. It allows for theme makers to create themes without the worry of having their users bail on them because of the complexity in installing their themes. Dreamboard gets rid of third-party tweaks like Iconoclasm, iBlank, and many others. You no longer need to respring to apply your themes!

The app allows designers to create what they want without having to use other third-party tweaks. Users no longer need to worry about having to install the theme, or tweak it so it can work the way the designer intended. Dreamboard takes care of all that and allows for a simple, clean transition. It takes two seconds to have a theme applied. Transitioning from your Dreamboard theme to your default one is also made extremely easy.


Installing Dreamboard Themes via SSH:

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  • Step 1: In order to add any files to your jailbroken iOS device, we recommend downloading iPhone Explorer which is available for free for both Windows and Mac.
  • Step 2: After installing, open iPhone Explorer and navigate to Root Directory and click on the Dreamboard folder. Now this is the folder which contains the theme files.
  • Step 3: Now drag and drop the themes for Dreamboard. Make sure that you upload only the file folder. If the downloaded theme folder is zipped, unzip it and upload.
  • Step 4: After the step 3, go to Dreamboard app on your iPhone or iPod Touch and you can see the newly added theme in it.

Installing Dreamboard Themes via DreamStore:

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  • Step 1: Download the .deb file for DreamStore by clicking here.
  • Step 2: Locate the .deb you downloaded in iFile and tap on it. Next tap Install to install it.
  • Step 3: Respring you iDevice.


  • No respring required:
    • You will no longer need to respring or reboot your iPod, iPad, or iPhone. The app will load the themes within seconds.
  • Quick theme switching:
    • You can switch between your current theme and another theme within seconds. A simple swipe and tap does the job.
  • No extra tweaks:
    • One of the biggest flaws with Winterboard themes is that they require other tweaks to work alongside them to give users what they want to see. This is daunting for users because they may need to purchase the tweaks, waste valuable time setting them up, and expend even more time searching for the more obscure iOS edits. Dreamboard requires no external addons so the user does not have to download, or buy, another tweak.
  • Independent Theme Store:
    • Dreamstore allows you to purchase themes straight from your device without going through all the hassle of SSH.

DreamStore Homepage

Dreamboard is still in its beta phase, so many people are still migrating towards it. This means there are less themes available. However, they are much better than many of the other themes currently being offered. These themes are premium quality. Granted most are paid themes, a few are also free. The price doesn’t change the quality though, the free themes are as stellar as the paid themes. Below is an example of a free theme:

LOPEARD IV by Lopeard

  • Advanced theming platforms:
    • Developers will be able to create more dynamic and unique themes. The app allows for multiple tweaks to be used (like SBSettings), however, it won’t allow for all tweaks to work alongside it like Barrel if the theme doesn’t allow it. A few icons are given with the themes and the ones that are missing are replaced with the original stock icon. There are free themes available that even recreate other OS graphical user interfaces.

Metro 6 Theme

Features: ★★★★

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The GUI is simple to use, all you have to do is go into the Dreamboard app and then swipe to the theme you want and tap on it. Then, you tap apply, or edit if you want to rearrange the icons. There is no respring, or restarting required, the theme will apply itself.

Swiping through themes

Graphical User Interface (GUI): ★★★★★

Reuse Value

This app has the potential to be used for a very long time. Many people are tired of the old iOS interface and using the hassle-prone Winterboard; Dreamboard offers ease and saves time. I have heard that Dreamboard has bugs; however, I believe that most of them should be fixed as the developer releases updates. If you run into any problems with the app, you can disable it with the turn it off using SBSettings (a well-known iOS tweak). Navigate to MobileSubstrate Addons menu by using the more button in SBSettings. You can always post a thread on iFans or contact the developer to get support.

Reuse Value: ★★★½


This app costs $2.99 and it’s still in beta. You do have to understand that the tweak is still in its early beta stages and can contain various bugs that can come and go at any time. Winterboard is a free alternative, so you may want to stick to it for the time being. However, if you have three dollars to spend then it’s a decent purchase if you can sort out the problems yourself or wait for the developer to realize a fix.

With your purchase, a complimentary Endriod Sense theme is given to you to enjoy.

Value: ★★★

Final Thoughts

From the time I installed the app, it’s been a positive experience for me. I am so used to Winterboard that this seemed almost surreal – there was no longer a need to install third party applications with the theme, and the theme came ready to use. I’ve always had to go through the trouble of looking for a really well developed theme without having to install other tweaks that are of no use to me. There weren’t many themes that broke out of the norm of simply changing the icons and the background and calling it a theme; with Dreamboard, there is no reason to go by that standard anymore. Designers will be able to produce themes that actually changes more then the icons. The whole user experience can now be changed from the UI to using dynamic widgets on each page.

Although it does contain bugs, Dreamboard has a potential to someday replace Winterboard as the iOS theming app.

Final Scores:

  • Features: ★★★★
  • Graphical User Interface: ★★★★★
  • Reuse Value: ★★★½
  • Value: ★★★

Cumulative Score:

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