Evernote Peek, a Clever Smart Cover App

Evernote Peek is a flashcard app that utilizes the iPad 2′s Smart Cover to help users study. Peek combines both the digital and physical aspects of the device by allowing users to lift one segment of the Smart Cover to see the question, and another to see the answer. Closing and opening the cover again changes the question. Sure, there are many flashcard applications in the App Store, but none are quite as unique as Peek.

Evernote Peek is a free app designed to help you study, learn and strengthen your memory. Interacting with Peek is pretty intuitive. Once you’ve connected Peek to your Evernote account and selected your study materials, you simply close the Smart Cover and peek under it to see a clue. Raise the cover further to reveal the answer. To advance to the next clue, just close the cover and repeat.

Being able to partially lift the cover to see a to-do list, or catch a glimpse of the time and date would be another great use of the Smart Cover, and could shave a few seconds off of repetitive tasks. It’s a silly novelty, but one that makes use of an already popular accessory.

Peek also allows you to keep score to monitor your progress, and is linked to your Evernote account for personalized study questions created with the StudyBlue app.


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