Over 90 iOS 5 Features You Don’t Want To Miss

iFans, in collaboration with our community, has already discovered over 90 of the newest features that you can expect from iOS 5 in Fall 2011. Apple cited that there are over 200 new features in iOS 5 at the WWDC 2011 keynote, but only took time to show off 10 key features. There’s still a lot of new things that have yet to be discovered, so we’ll update this post as soon as we find any of these unmentioned features—big or small. If there’s a feature in iOS 5 that isn’t found in the list below, feel free to share about it in the comments.

Major Features

  • New Notification System (Notification Center) – drop-down menu
    • Improved in-app notifications at the top
    • Lock screen notifications
    • Choose what notification type you want for each app (banner notifications or the classic pop-up notifications)
    • Sort notifications in any order, or based by their time
  • iCloud support & integration
  • iMessage – send text messages to other iOS users via Wi-Fi or 3G
  • Newsstand – looks like iBooks, stores your App Store subscriptions
  • Reminders – Apple’s official to-do app, includes calendars
  • Twitter Integration – i.e. in Safari, Photos, Maps, etc.
  • AirPlay Mirroring for iPad 2s (on HDTVs, etc.)


  • Shutter Button – volume up button can be used to take pictures
  • Lock Screen Button – double tap the home button & you can open the Camera from the lock screen
  • Camera Grids – For easier & more precise photography
  • Pinch-to-Zoom Gestures
  • AE & AF Lock
  • Single-tap Focus and Exposure
  • Swipe left to reveal your camera roll


  • Crop photos
  • Enhance photos
  • Rotate photos
  • Remove red-eye in-app
  • Photo Stream – part of iCloud, this sends photos to all of your iOS devices automatically
  • Photos can be organized in Camera Roll


  • iPad & iPad 2 Only: Tabbed Browsing
  • Safari Reader – read webpage or blog articles without ads, clutter
  • Safari Reading List – save webpages for later, offline reading
  • Improved Performance
  • Private Browsing – browser turns black
  • Individual Site Data can be deleted

“PC Free” / Wireless Features / iCloud

  • Setup your iOS device on-screen, no Mac or PC required
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) iOS Software Updates
  • Delta Software Updates – installs only the updated portions of iOS, rather than a complete download
  • Wi-Fi Sync – wirelessly sync your iOS device with a Mac or PC
  • Restore from iCloud
  • Wirelessly sync Exchange tasks
  • Ability to see apps you’ve downloaded from the App Store, even if they’re on another iOS device (downloads tab)


  • Rich Text Formatting (Bold, Italics, Underline, etc.)
  • Improved Offline Support
  • Indentation Control
  • Address fields can be dragged and rearranged (To, CC, BCC)
  • Search Within an Email
  • Flag Emails
  • S/MIME Security

Game Center

  • Add a profile picture
  • Friend recommendations
  • Game recommendations
  • View “friends of friends” lists
  • Find and purchase new apps – integrated App Store functionality
  • Achievement points
  • You can now play turn-based games with other iOS users

New Multitasking Gestures (iPad & iPad 2)

  • Each multitasking gestures requires using 4 or 5 fingers.
  • Swipe up to reveal the multitasking bar
  • Swipe left or right to switch between apps that are open
  • Pinch to return to the home screen

New Keyboard Features

  • New keyboard/typing shortcuts under Settings > General > Keyboard. For example, OMG can be setup to be replaced by OH MY GOSH)
  • Emoji Emoticons Keyboard (to be enabled via Keyboard in Settings?)

Accessibility & Usability

  • iPhone 4: LED Flash for Incoming Calls & Alerts
  • Custom Vibration for Incoming Calls
  • VoiceOver improvements, including custom element labeling
  • Set Custom Tones for Calendars, Mail, and Voicemail
  • Accessible Input for Mobility


  • iPad & iPad 2: Year View
  • iPhone & iPod touch: Week View (in landscape mode)
  • Switch to Japanese or Buddhist calendars

Music & Videos

  • iPad & iPad 2: Redesigned music application
  • iPhone: The iPod application is separated into two apps for music & video
  • Left and right scrolling ability for longer song and album names
  • Tapping and holding on a song title gives you a description bubble
  • Sync Smart Playlists from iTunes
  • Swipe to Delete Songs & Playlists

Weather, Maps, and Contacts

  • Hourly Weather Forecasts
  • Weather app automatically determines your location, custom locations can still be added
  • Alternate routes in Maps
  • Print out your current location or directions in Maps
  • Sync Twitter profile pic to Contacts

Background Tasks

  • Newsstand: Download subscriptions in the background, or offline
  • Background Syncing – Use your device while it’s syncing with a Mac or PC
  • Links can be opened in the background


  • Under Settings -> General -> Usage, see exactly how much space each app is taking up.
  • Under Settings -> General, you can view your iCloud storage statistics.
  • Change the host name (device name) on your iOS device in Settings -> General

Other Features

  • Some GUI Improvements (i.e. on/off toggle switches)
  • Personal Dictionary
  • Built-in Dictionary
  • iTunes Tone Store
  • Improved FaceTime video quality
  • VoiceOver Item Chooser
  • Ability to “speak” text you highlight
  • Delete Individual Calls in the Recent Calls List
  • App Data can be deleted – game saves, settings, etc.
  • Time mid-call invitation alerts
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