iOS 5 References Two Next-Gen iPads, iPhones


As devs are tearing into the first beta of iOS 5, they’ve found an interesting (but, honestly, not totally unexpected) bit of information. That information would be the discovery of the iPad 3,1 and the iPad 3,2. The current iPads are identified as the iPad 2,1 (WiFi model), iPad 2,2 (GSM model), and the iPad 2,3. What does that mean? Well, it would appear that Apple is trying to integrate the CDMA and the GSM iPad into being just one model (recent chipsets by Qualcomm would enable this to become a reality).

Note that not all internal models are released, and that these are still simply being referenced; this doesn’t provide any clues as to the release date. It could mean that these devices are tracking for a release to coincide with the iOS 5 release (this fall), or that they are simply being tested early, and will still launch early next year like the previous two models of iPads.

There are still references to two new iPhone models (4,1 and 4,2). Interestingly, no new iPod touch models are being referenced as of yet.

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