SmartScreen Released!

SmartScreen has been in the pipeline for a while. Another lock screen app… but this one’s a lot different. It gives you more functionality in the form of widgets (similar to a Mac dashboard) – and some very useful system controls on your lock screen too (turn off Wifi, Edge, iPod Controls and more).

The app comes in two varieties: Lite and Full. Full is $5 and comes with everything they boast on their website. The lite version limits you to using a maximum of 3 widgets, and you also lose:

  • Controls Screen
  • “iPod Shake to Shuffle” on “Lock” screen
  • Show/hide and preview the widget
  • Updates with new features

But it’s always nice to have a free demo before you fork out $5 for the real thing!

So open your APT app and enter source: “” to be able to download it straight away!

And for all you devs, start developing your own SmartScreen widgets with the SDK.

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