iTunes Match, Cloud Sync, Photostream

iCloud integration will allow photos to be synced across all devices automatically—like Dropbox on the desktop. If you snap a photo on your iPhone—poof! It’s on your iPad. Sadly, it looks like Apple’s new datacenter is having storage concerns: only the last 1000 photos will be saved on your device, and only photos from the past 30 days will be saved on Apple’s servers (but all will be saved on your Mac or PC).

iTunes now features automatic downloads to sync purchased music to all devices wirelessly at no additional charge. If you buy a song on your Macbook, it will be beamed to all your devices without any interaction. This feature will be available on iOS 4.3 as a beta.

With the iTunes Match service, users with a library full of ripped music will be able to enjoy the same benefits as if they bought them straight from iTunes ($24.99 per year/unlimited music). Match scans your library for music, and matches your songs with those already available in the cloud. Instead of taking “weeks” to upload large libraries, iTunes will simply match your songs to its existing library. Remaining songs which Apple does not have will be uploaded. Much better than either Amazon or Google’s approach, which upload and store every song from every user, even if they are duplicates.

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