iOS 5: Mail, iPad Keyboard, GameCenter, iMessage

Mail now features rich text formatting, indentations, drag and drop addresses, flags, and the ability to search the contents of messages. Users can also use a swipe gesture to quickly return to the inbox. is now system-wide and can be used in any app.

The iPad’s keyboard has been updated with a “split thumb layout” for two handed typing while standing.

GameCenter has been updated with achievements, game discovery, ability to find “friends of friends”, download games, and includes enhanced turn-based game support.

iOS 5 features a BlackBerry Messenger-like iMessage service for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. It includes read-receipts and a typing indicator (like most IM services). You can send text, videos and photos to existing contacts or groups. All messages are encrypted, and naturally, iMessage utilizes the new notification system. SMS messages are beginning to feel a bit antiquated so it’s great to see another texting 2.0 service built-in to the OS. But, SMS may never die if these new services only work with their respective devices (i.e. no iOS to Android messaging service).


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