Safari, Reminders, and Camera all Updated

Safari is receiving a fairly significant upgrade to both the backend and the frontend, receiving some new features like tabbed browsing. There’s also a “Reading List,” which ties into the same feature on Safari for OS X. It allows you to quickly save and read long webpages in a mobile-friendly format, similar to Instapaper.

Reminders is a to-do app. The most interesting part of it, though, is that it is location aware. That means that certain events can be triggered by when you arrive at a certain location. For example, you could be reminded to by milk when you arrive at the grocery store.

Camera now has a shortcut directly on the lockscreen, which allows you to get in faster. Also, you can now use the volume up button to take a photo! There are also a few included ways to edit the photos on the device, like red-eye reduction and the sort.

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