Noteworthy Kickstarter Projects for iOS Devices

Kickstarter is a website founded in April 2009 that allows everyday people to fund creative projects. There’s all sorts of potential start-ups on the website ranging from indie bands to technological inventions. By making a pledge, you’re not only supporting a project, but there’s usually perks involved too—free pins, t-shirts, and sometimes even a free lunch—as a way for the person who started the project to show his or her gratitude towards your donation. The website is a great funding platform for everyday people that want to pursue their innovative ideas but need some financial assistance in the process.

Among the projects found on Kickstarter are a number of noteworthy concepts for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. For starters, there is the Red Pop physical camera button for the iPhone 4. The button, designed by Beep Industries, is part of an attachment that slides onto the end of the iPhone and connects via the 30-pin dock connector. When it is connected, the Red Pop application, which will be free on the App Store, will open automatically to allow for quick snapping of photos. The shots that you take will automatically save to your iPhone’s camera roll. The company is anticipating the release of a next-generation iPhone and will adjust its Red Pop button accordingly if necessary. The project has been highly successful, bringing in nearly double its goal of $20,000 in pledges. The retail price of the Red Pop has yet to be announced, but you can secure yourself a pre-order with a $75 pledge.

Another interesting and equally successful project is The Paradox, a premium stainless steel watch kit for your sixth-generation iPod nano. The watch, designed by the 21-year-old founder of All Geek Everything, is engineered from high-grade stainless steel that completely encloses the iPod nano in industrial-design fashion. It is embedded with external buttons that are very functional, features interchangeable straps, and comes in either a stainless steel or black stainless steel finish. The kit will retail for $79 with custom engraving available.

A few more awesome ideas can be found after the break!

iRemoco by Andrew Ayres and Tom Sisterson is a remote control helicopter that can be controlled by an app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It has a lightweight chassis and a built-in, rechargeable battery. “It’s very easy for beginner pilots to master the basic hover, and the motion control, which utilizes the accelerometer inside the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, makes the flying experience fun and intuitive. If you’ve never flown a remote control helicopter before, this is a perfect way to learn.” There’s no price indicated, but a $99 pledge or higher would have put you on the pre-order list. Included with the helicopter is a USB charging cable, spare rotor blades, and a controller.

Last but not least, there is the SoundJaw for iPad. This compact accessory fits onto the bottom of your iPad and directs the external speaker’s sound to the front of the device for a louder and improved listening experience. It has a thin design and is set to be available in black or white. Other custom colors might be available after the funding period commences, as decided by the “color committee”—anyone who pledges over $3. The SoundJaw was designed in the United States by a business student named Matt McLachlin and I would expect it to retail for around $15 considering that it was the reward for anyone who made a pledge of that amount or more on Kickstarter. The project has already exceeded its funding goal of $7,000 and is planned to be launched later this month.


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