Ngmoco FINALLY release two new games

EDIT: Now released worldwide. Click here for the iTunes page.

After months of anticipation and dragging out the launch of these two games, Ngmoco have finally put Eliminate and Touch Pets Dogs onto the App Store. Touch Pets was scheduled for release in Spring 2009, but it’s taken them until Winter 2009 to get it out. And Eliminate has been anticipated too for equally as long. Both games will be free and support in-app purchases, but currently are both only available on the Canadian App Store.

Screen shot 2009-10-31 at 12.09.25

Eliminate comes in “Eliminate Pro” which is totally free and available when you click this link.

Screen shot 2009-10-31 at 12.09.33TouchPets comes in 4 different versions. The first one is absolutely free. The second one is $1.99 and comes with 20 bowls of food. The third one comes with 120 bowls of food for $9.99. And the fourth version is a MASSIVE $29.99 and comes with 400 food. Ngmoco REALLY know how to milk a game and annoy certain people… These versions remind me a lot of games like iMafia and iMob where you can buy respect points or whatever… But I digress, I’ll keep my opinions to myself and buy the free version :)

After the break, there’s some videos of both apps for you to wet your whistle over. Enjoy

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