Tapulous hits back at EA – Metallica Revenge released.

It’s a battle of the music games recently on the App Store. TTR3 came out, and then Rock Band, and now Tapulous have played the heavy-metal card: Tap Tap Revenge, Metallica Edition.

Not only is this possibly the hardest TTR yet, (the songs of Metallica are well known for being quite pacey and loud..) but they’re shaken things up a little bit, and I’ll explain how:

There are now 4 tappers on some of the standard songs (rather than 3) similar to Rock Band, maybe, but this increases the difficulty of the game and shows the potential it has.

There are boss tracks which play in landscape mode and have FIVE tappers.

As usual, there are themes for all songs in the bundle.

There’s an arcade mode, which is where you play while the CPU throws weapons onto the stage and tries to ruin your streak.

And to finish off – BLUETOOTH MULTIPLAYER. I knew it was coming soon, but I didn’t expect it to be released this early. This means that you can now play against friends in the same vicinity on two devices. Will this be brought over to TTR3 soon?

Link to the app store here. Price is $4.99 (£2.99)

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