PlayStation Network Fully Restored, “Welcome Back” Package Available

Two months ago, Anonymous threatened Sony regarding the Geohot lawsuit and began to hack the Playstation Network (ultimately obliterating it). Today, all PSN and Qriocity services have been fully restored worldwide, and Sony is offering a “Welcome Back” package to court customers back. Users who signed up for PSN before April 20th will be able to get two free games (from a selection of five), a free month of PSN Plus (60 extra days for existing Plus subscribers), 100 virtual items for Playstation Home, a handfull of free movie rentals (this weekend only), and a free 30 day extension for current Music Unlimited Premium subscribers.

SCEA is still being attacked by hackers, and Sony’s aptitude for intrusion prevention seems a bit embarrassing at this point, so it’s possible that PSN’s resurrection will be short lived. For now, enjoy free stuff! The package will be available through July 3rd. If you’re experiencing errors, check out the FAQ at the source.


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