MobileNotifier Dev Hired by Apple

Peter Hajas, the developer behind the jailbreak-only MobileNotifier has been hired by Apple as an intern, presumably to help improve iOS’s lagging notification system. Last week, he released the fifth beta of MobileNotifier as his last update before “taking a break” at a “fruit” company.

A preview of iOS 5 is just around the corner, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see a Hajas-style notification revamp just yet, but the official release of 5.0 should be much improved (possibly released alongside the next iPhone and Touch in September).

MobileNotifier allows users to reply to SMS messages from within any app via a drop down menu, view a list of missed notifications with a quick double-click on the home button, and assign statusbar gestures to recall the most recent alert. A good notification system on iOS is long overdue; Android and WebOS users have enjoyed elegant systems since their release. The current system simply shoves a demanding pop-up in your face—not exactly a friendly solution. It’s great to see a developer known for his work in the jailbreak community be hired by Apple.


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