Flash and Apple: Straight from the Source

All Things D’s Walt Mossberg questioned Adobe’s head-honcho, Shantanu Narayen, about the lack of Flash on iOS devices. This has been an issue (or blessing, however you look at it) since the birth of the iPhone, but very rarely do we get to hear an actual explanation that isn’t just speculation. During the interview, Mossberg is quick to point out that Flash is buggy, slow, and all around frustrating, but Narayen claims that it’s a business model issue—not performance—that is preventing the platform from going fully mobile.

We will have 130 million phone devices that will have Flash on them by the end of the year…

And I have yet to test a single one where Flash works really well. I’m sorry. They struggle on those Android devices.

Apple simply doesn’t want developers to utilize a non-native platform for delivering content, whether it be games or apps, in the browser. Of course, Narayen would never admit that mobile Flash is, well, terrible, so it’s possible that we are only hearing part of the story. Nevertheless, don’t expect Flash to make its way to iOS anytime soon.

What’s the deal between you and Steve Jobs? He was here last year, and he had a chance to expand on what he had previously written about [Flash], and summarized, “Well, I think our duty is to pick technologies in the ascendancy. We feel like Flash is not on the ascendency, we think HTML 5 is, so that’s who we decided to go with for iOS Devices. What’s your response to that?

It’s about control of a platform. It’s the control of the app store that’s really at issue here.

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[All Things D]

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