Headphone Review: Marshall Minors

Marshall has been in the audio industry for over 50 years making quality amplifiers that are used by bands all around the globe. Their quality is unsurpassed, and well known; the reason why they are used. Marshall recently did something they never have before; they released not one, but two pairs of headphones. The Marshall Minors and Marshall Majors are not as well known to the public, but why should they be? After all, Marshall is not known for headphones, but rather for their amps. The Minors are their earphone type of headphones that are built specifically for portable phones and smartphones. Do the Minors carry on the high quality of their manufacturer’s amps? The Minors offer an amazing design, average audio quality, great build quality, comfort, and a good bang for the buck for the listeners that choose to purchase them.


  • Driver: 15.4mm Moving Coil Dynamic
  • Impedance: 32ohm +/-15% @ 1kHz
  • Sensitivity: 115 +/- 3dB @ 1kHz 1mW
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

In the Box

  • Marshall Minor Headset
  • Neutral Stereo Plug Adapter
  • 4 Sets of Earclick System Ear Pads
  • Cable Clip

The Marshall Minor headset comes with the headset, a neutral stereo adapter, 4 sets of ear pads, and a cable clip.


The Minors were designed from the outside in for sure. Everything has a unique style to it, including the box. The way the box looked and displayed was definitely an important factor for these headphones.

Starting from when I received it, the unboxing was fun, and aggravating at the same time. From the outside, the box looked plain, but nice. It took the shape of a cube and was composed of cardboard, and really just didn’t give any insight to how the packaging was inside. The inside of the box was definitely made to show off the headphones. They are for looks for sure. The headphones simply popped out with an in-your-face style look. It kind of reminded me with a ring box. The box design was really well played out.

The box is designed to show off the Minors.

Mr. T! You forgot your headphones! Just kidding, but the headphones were very flashy and shiny. Each earpiece is composed of plastic and a metallic gold color circular piece on the outside that is rigid like a record. The earpieces resemble volume knobs you’d find on an amp. On the opposite side, the Minors are composed of a rubber-type material that has the Marshall logo printed nicely on it. Coming out of each earpiece is a cloth cable that looks really classy.

The Marshall Minors are a stylish headset that are flashy and shiny!

On the wire is a remote that is made of the same rubbery material and has the Marshall logo written on it proudly. The cable ends at the golden headphone jack that is nice and retro.

This is what they look like in your ear.

The minors were designed from the outside in; everything is extravagant on them. They are shiny and demand attention from just about anyone who sees you. The eye-popping, shiny, and gold design sure makes you feel like a million bucks while you wear them. Now the question still remains; do they sound like a million bucks?

Audio Quality

Marshall is well known for their sound, so it would be assumed that these headphones sound good. Now, is this assumption right, or wrong? Well, at first, the mids were a little harsh in some songs, the bass was nice and controlled and a little punchy. The treble was nowhere in sight though. However, headphones change over time, so after fifty hours of burn in, the sound should change.


The bass is a little recessed compared to the mids. Actually, the mids are the dominant part of the spectrum. Even though they seem recessed, they are actually pretty neutral. The bass is punchy with some impact, but it is really well controlled. They don’t have as much impact as I’d like though. You can feel the bass there, but it just seems like it’s missing something. It also lacks the extension it needs to really be great. Still, the bass is enjoyable and fun, but they definitely aren’t the main event of the show.

Bass ★★★★


The mids are the ones that express themselves the best on the Minors. They are loud and proud, and they have a reason to be; they are simply stunning. They walk the border of harshness, but never become harsh. The forward mids have some special factor to them that made me go wow; I don’t know what it is, I can’t explain it better. Guitars sound amazing with the Minors, which is something that lots will assume. Screaming guitars do just that, and guitars that lay low, well they just lay low. They are not detailed and clear though, but still sound really nice. The mids are transparent and airy. I absolutely loved these mids.

Mids ★★★★½


The treble seemed to be dormant when I first got the pair of headphones. After about 10 hours of burn-in, I began to hear them. They were there, just late to the party. The highs are really recessed. The treble can seem to get mashed together when they actually stand out. They do lack clarity and detail. However, most of the time they are clean. The treble has some extension, but can still use a little more to have that special appeal to it. The highs can definitely use lots of work. The treble doesn’t rock, instead it walks the boarder of failure. I was really disappointed with the unimpressive highs on the Minors.

Treble ★★

Noise Isolation

OK, these are earbuds, so when purchasing these, don’t expect isolation. They will leak sound in and out, but nothing major. The isolation is a little over average for earbuds, but won’t stand a chance against IEMs. So these aren’t the headphones you use to tune out your screaming mother, nor should you even think about tuning her out. Because these weren’t designed to isolate, I cannot give it a score here.


Normally, microphonics would be worst on IEMs. It normally isn’t the earbud type of headphones that have this problem. However, the Minors are an exception here having really problematic microphonics that are audible. There is really no way to get rid of them. The included stylish clip does help a lot, but doesn’t entirely clear the problem; it does make it much better though, and liveable. The cloth cable may be good for looks, but kills in microphonics.

Microphonics ★★★½

The clip helps majorly when it comes to microphonics.

The minors have a really different signature, they are mid-centric. However, they have reason to be like that. The mids are awesome. The overall sound quality is not great, but the mid-range make up for a lot. Overall though, I was disappointed with the sound signature. For being branded by Marshall, I was expecting more from these, much, much more.

Audio Quality ★★★½

Build Quality

The build quality of the headphones actually seems pretty nice. The whole headset really seems durable.

Each earpiece is composed of plastic and metal. The plastic does seem thick and sturdy and doesn’t look like it’s easy to crush. The shiny, metallic, and circular pieces are also very strong. The earpieces themselves look like they can withstand some good damage. Coming out of each earpiece is the cable, with no strain relief. This is what scares me the most as a hard enough tug can probably be the last of the Minors.

The cable is flexible and thick. The cloth cable seems like it can withstand some stress. However, they can tangle really easily. Removing these headphones from the box was a tangled mess. Even after neatly wrapping them using the over-under method, they still seem to like to tangle. Other than that, the cables are top notch.

The cable ends at the headphone jack. Now I’m not a fan of straight headphone jacks, but this one doesn’t scare me at all. If I had to choose a straight jack, it’d be this one. It looks rugged, and has a classic design. There is a rubber strain relief, but the main part is the stem of it. It is long and composed of a gold colored metal. It looks really pretty, but best of all can withstand, not just roughness, but torture. The headphone jack just looks durable.

The headphone jack is not only stylish, it is also very durable as well.

Overall, the only thing that scared me the most was the lack of strain reliefs on the earpieces themselves. This doesn’t tend to be a problem unless you have that one friend that likes to pull on your cable. I do wish these came with a case though. The rest of the headset seems to be really strong and able to withstand some abuse.

Build Quality ★★★★

Comfort Quality

Being earbuds and not IEMs, I believe that these will be more comfortable for the mainstream audience that doesn’t want to stick things deep into their ears. That being said, these earbuds are really comfortable. The Earclick system, that these feature, make them easier to keep in place. I had no problems keeping these in my ears. They practically disappear after you insert them. However, after an hour or two of wearing them, they will make your ears sore. The smaller your ears, the sorer they’ll get. Marshall did a nice job with creating a comfortable environment for the listeners; if they could fix the long term, it would be perfect.

The Earclick system not only offers great comfort, it also used to make sure the headphones sound the best. Be sure to test and make sure you use the ones that sound the best.


Comfort Quality ★★★★

Value for the Money

When you go to drop your 60 hard-earned dollars on these headphones, you really don’t pay for audio quality. You do, however, pay for everything else. These headphones offer the shiny, flashy, and in-your-face styling that would be able to attract anyone’s eye. The prominent shiny, gold coloring is just a beauty.

The remote and mic is also a huge feature for smartphones allowing them to take and receive calls. The remote can also be used to control your music on the iPod. I was able to play, pause, fast forward, rewind, go forward, and go back with ease. It is also compatible with the voice control feature.

The Minors come with a remote and mic; they even have the Marshall logo on them!

However, the audio quality is average, good at best, but most of the time just average. There are some special points to it, but the negatives really take over. If you can live with lacking treble, then these will be a great value, otherwise, you’ll be missing out on a lot in sound quality. For the price, there are much better alternatives to these.

When you buy these headphones, you mainly pay for the design, remote, and box when you put down your 60 dollars for the Minors, not the audio quality.

Value for the Money ★★★½

Final Thoughts

The Marshall Minor headset is designed from the outside in… and it shows. The sound quality was disappointing, but did have some sweet spots. The build was great. The design was amazing. If you want a pair of flashy ‘phones that have average sound quality, but excel everywhere else, the Marshall Minors are the ones for you.

I’d like to thank Marshall again for the product sample.

Final Scores

  • Design ★★★★★
  • Audio Quality ★★★½
    • Bass ★★★★
    • Mids ★★★★½
    • Treble ★★★
    • Noise Isolation N/A
    • Microphonics ★★★
  • Build Quality ★★★★
  • Comfort Quality ★★★★
  • Value for the Money ★★★½

Overall Score

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