In-App Purchases On Free Apps

Reversing an earlier, rather unpopular decision made when OS3.0 was released with in-app purchases, Apple have reduced the minimum $0.99 price tag on App Store apps that contain paid download content (DLC) to free. An App Store revolution is in progress.

The new policy should kill off ‘lite‘ app releases as apps are now likely to be offered for free with limited functionality and the ability to unlock paid content.  Already a number of apps have jumped on the bus: the Boxcar twitter/facebook/etc. push service is now free with limited functionality;  Comixology’s Comics is now reduced to free; and there’s some suggestion that ngmoco may have unfairly been given the nod about this new new policy as their Rolando 2 lite version has been rapidly updated to add levels 2 to 6 as paid DLC.

We should expect to see a huge backlog of currently available apps being converted and held up at the approval process, similar to the OS3.0 upgrade fiasco. I can already hear the click-click-click of a million Mac keyboards as devs around the globe rush to beat the rush!

The new policy is a poke in the eye for the pirates who justify their actions as ‘testing-before-buying’ (no excuse now!) and will probably kill off a good portion of the revenue stream for in-app advertising agents.

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