Updated: iTunes Experiencing Problems with Downloading Apps & Podcasts?

We’re hearing reports (and so are other sites) that the iOS and Mac App Stores aren’t working properly when you try to download something. I can personally confirm that it isn’t working; downloading an app on the Mac App Store gives an “unknown error,” which also occurs when you download an iPhone or iPad app on the desktop version of iTunes. So far, this isn’t affecting the iOS App Store on the device, at least in my experience, though the guys over at Engadget are reporting that it is:

We’re also unable to download apps from both the Mac and iOS App Stores. After clicking to download an app in iOS, it appears on the home screen briefly, then disappears. We’re also prompted to re-enter passwords with each attempt, so this may be related to an authentication issue. Jump past the break for the App Store error.

Like I said, I’m not seeing that, though the problems seem to vary based on some factor – location? Device? Your guess is as good as ours. We’ll keep you updated.

Update: Looks as if you can’t sign in to the iTunes Store at all anymore. This ranges from the App Store portions to the actual music part. Don’t sign out; you won’t be able to get back in until this is fixed!

Update 2: Seems as if it might be making its way back. I can now sign in, and we’re getting reports that people are starting to be able to update and download apps on both their mobile devices and their desktops.


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