Can You Beat the iPad’s “Hardest Puzzle Ever”?

Up for a challenge?

Esquire has released an iPad-only app that they proclaim to be “the hardest puzzle ever.” The app, self-named as “Esquire’s Hardest Puzzle Ever,” is available for free on the App Store. Don’t be fooled by the price, however, as it’ll cost you an additional $4.99 via in-app purchase to unlock levels two to five. Furthermore, don’t expect a prize upon completion of all five levels like the recently released, mind-boggling puzzler The Heist by popular Mac software site MacHeist.

By completing levels, ranging from “Rubik‚Äôs Cube-style puzzles” to riddles, you are rewarded with in-game origami trophies and can collect awards in Game Center. There is also Facebook, Twitter, and email integration and a worldwide leaderboard so that, when you finally beat the puzzle, you can brag about it amongst your friends. If anyone is able to beat the game, we’d love to hear how you did it. I think this app is more than deserving of a Facebook group entitled “I beat the iPad’s hardest puzzle game ever.”

Check out the video after the break.


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