Windows 8 Tablet UI Shown at D9

This is groundbreaking in the sense that Microsoft has finally shown their hand, but don’t expect to many surprises. The best description I can come up with is all the nice UI of the Windows Phone 7 platform, but with the cruft of Windows. The tablet UI – for better or for worse – is literally a skin on top of Windows, albeit a first party skin that is more inclusive than previous third party attempts. This was all shown off by the president of Microsoft, Steven Sinofsky at D9, an annual interview show of some of the biggest names in the technology industry.

Perhaps the finished product will be amazing, but this demo isn’t impressing to many. The video pretty much sums it all up. Competitor to the iPad? We’ll let you decide, dear reader. Feel free to take a peek at the Microsoft video after the break, and all the photos and liveblog that can be found at the source link.

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