Nvidia Trots out Kal-El, Paving the Road for a Retina Display iPad 3?

Think that the Tegra 2 is powerful? Well, it is (though not quite so much as the Apple A5), but it is old technology for Nvidia. It was actually supposed to be shipping in mobile devices last year, instead of this year.

First off, Kal-El is a quad core mobile chipset. That’s impressive unto itself. The only other SoC that is quad core and has been announced so far is the one powering the Sony NGP (Next-Generation Portable). So it’s fairly unique in that regard. It’s supposedly 5 times the power of the current Tegra 2 chipsets; that is, of course, a theoretical number, but you get the point.

It will be able to support a resolution of 2560-by-1600 when it goes live. There’s one thing very interesting about that resolution: that’s just above the resolution that would be needed for a retina display iPad. Now, I’m not saying that Apple will use the Kal-El system-on-a-chip, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if, in a year or so, Apple has a more powerful solution that could handle a retina display resolution with ease.

The demo shows off some interesting enhancements to games. Dynamic lighting is definitely hit hard on, and the video also shows what the demo game looks like running on only two cores – basically, its framerate drops and it becomes unplayable.

Kal-El will likely be an extremely popular for Android tablets later this year. There’s no telling how the battery life will be, though hopefully they’ve solved the problems between Kal-El and kyptonite by then. Zing!

Warning: there is a creepy clown in the video, for a reason that is completely unbeknownst to us.

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