Chat with Strangers at Apple Retail Stores

If Chatroulette isn’t your favorite website to talk with strangers, which wouldn’t be too surprising, then perhaps this website will tickle your fancy; it allows you to connect to Macs via iChat or AIM in Apple Stores across the world. The Mac that you are trying to connect to must have at least one of those two aforementioned chat clients running, which this website will indicate for you, and then you can chat with the strangers that are using that computer as long as they are to accept the incoming text, video, or audio chat that you’re trying to initiate.

I gave the website a spin, but I wasn’t able to connect with anyone due to the fact that most Apple Stores are closed at this hour in the day. Keep in mind that the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City is open twenty-four hours a day, three-hundred-and-sixty-five days a year, so you can always try your luck there. There’s also several stores that are located in different time zones such as in Australia, Germany, Italy, and United Kingdom. Furthermore, you can enter a custom three-digit store code for any unlisted stores; this list of store codes is a great help. If you’re able to successfully connect and chat with someone at an Apple Store, be sure to let us know!

[Lehner Studios via Twitter]

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