MobileNotifier Beta 5 Released

The developer behind MobileNotifier recently announced that he would be “taking a break” from his current projects for reasons unknown (though rumors suggest that he will be assisting Apple in creating a better notification system for iOS). But, before his secret departure, Peter Hajas has released an impressive update to MobileNotifier. Dubbed “Ecstatic Eggo”, beta 5 includes a brand-new MobileReply feature which allows users to reply to text messages without leaving the current app—just tap the notification bar and a drop-down reply box will appear. The AlertDashboard has also been updated with a new UI, and activator actions can be set to recall the most recent alert (for example, swiping down on the statusbar).

  • Dismiss alerts right from the popup! Hate going into the dashboard to remove alerts you’ve just archived? Simply hit the “X” in the popup to dismiss them for good!
  • Recall the most recent alert easily with an Activator action. Then use MobileReply to reply to it!
  • Thanks to work by Marc Easen, MobileNotifier now supports calendar invitation alerts!
  • Way way faster.

What’s been fixed?

  • Lockscreen no longer displays if you have it set to “off”
  • Various small bugfixes.
  • Did I mention way way faster?

As always, MobileNotifier is both free and open source, and available through Cydia via the following repo:


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