GameCenter Claims its First Victim: Agon Online

GameCenter launched last year as a part of iOS 4.1, last September. Eight months later, it’s already put one of its competitors out of business.

Agon, one of the top third-party iPhone gaming networks (seen in popular games, like Tilt to Live), had a few outstanding features, like Cloud Storage, Cross Promotion, and an easy setup for developers and users alike. Sounds pretty nice, but it was recently announced on the site’s developer blog that, effective June 30th, the service would be closing its doors.

It is with great regret that I am announcing that AGON Online will be shutting down at the end of June. Since our launch we have simultaneously dealt with multiple acquisition offers, sought investment, performed contract work in order to pay the bills – all whilst competing against a host of well funded competitors. I am extremely proud of what we achieved with our very limited resources and I am sorry we were not able to take AGON Online to the next level.

The shutdown of the AGON Online servers will be effective June 30th, 2011 – 3 months from today. All user data will be deleted permanently.

It appears that most games previously using the Agon service will be moving to Game Center, which is a “safe bet” for iOS. However, it is worth noting that Game Center isn’t up to feature parity with the likes of OpenFeint, among others.

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